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Touch my pieces III - Yoko Ono ©

Zanchetta Marmi has produced the marble components of the “touch me III” sculpture created by the artist Yoko Ono ©. A block of Carrara statuary marble was used: it had been acquired many years before by the grandfather and kept in store for a creation that would be as important and valuable as the material itself!
The pieces, fabricated using 3D scans and then re-finished by hand, were sculptured carefully following the silicone moulds sent by the Japanese artist: breast, mouth, navel, abdomen, knee and feet. The "touch me III" sculpture was exhibited at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice.

touch my pieces III (marble version) 2008/2009

by Yoko Ono © Wood, marble, cloth
Overall dimensions: 76x61x289 cm

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