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Zanchetta Marmi was founded in Pove del Grappa in 1862. Today it is the only stonemason workshop that is still in business at the foot of the Grappa massif, thanks to a precise corporate strategy that has brought together craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in marble and stone processing.

The company plans and creates works of design, architecture and art, selecting the highest quality raw materials directly from the quarries. An extensive range and production capacity allows Zanchetta Marmi to operate in fields that range from furniture to the most precious and complex works and authentic unique pieces, whilst maintaining the highest quality and attention to detail.

Experience and on-going research in the stone sector enables the company to offer an extremely vast range of processes, from the most traditional hand-made up to the application of innovative 3D scans.

Passion, artistic taste and technical expertise have been passed down from father to son to ensure that Zanchetta Marmi is the epitome of Italian production even outside of Italy. Excellence that is also confirmed by collaborations with the most important architects and designers and the many close partnerships established over the years with nationally and internationally renowned artists.

Yoko Ono © "touch me III" (marble version) 2008/2009

Yoko Ono © "touch me III" (marble version) 2008/2009

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